Plitvice lakes in winter

Plitvice lakes in winter

Plitvice lakes in winter

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Plitvice lakes in winter

Plitvice Lakes are the ideal place to visit even in winter. Even if you have already visited the park during one of the 3 other seasons I strongly recommend a visit even in the winter season. The best and most spectacular view is, of course, when the park is covered in snow, which happens almost every winter. Especially from December to February, snow and temperatures below 0 are quite common in the area.

Plitvice Lakes

If there has been heavy snowfall it can happen that the park is closed, but this rarely happens. Other times it happens that only the lower part of the park is open, but still worth visiting the park. On the site of the national park you can find current opening hours, as well as information on parking and what use to use. So, in case of snow, be sure to check it.

Useful to know for a winter visit to the Plitvice National Park

If the weather conditions are “normal” there are boats on the upper lakes and driving tours are also available.
Entrance tickets are reduced
Opening hours are shorter
Bring warm clothing and proper footwear, especially if there is snow.
Skiing at the Plitvice lakes; a few km from entrance nr. 2 in the village Mukinje it is possible to go skiing, there is a slope with a T-lift and some smaller hills which are mainly used for children on sleds. Ski equipment and sleds can be hired at the ski center where you can also find a restaurant.
The Plitvice National Park

How to get to Plitvice in winter

Traveling to Plitvice lakes by car is not normally a problem, in case the snow is falling or heavy snow is expected you should check the road conditions on the HAK website (see the links above) before driving to the park.

Public transport: even during the winter season there are buses to Plitvice; Most buses are from Zagreb, but there are also some buses from Split and Zadar as well as a night bus from Ragusa. Since both entrances are not always open during the winter season, you need to make sure you get off at the right stop, on the map below we have marked the entries as well as bus stops for the park.

Where to stay in the winter season

During the winter season most of the hotels run by the Plitvice National Park are closed, the only one that is open all year round is the Jezero hotel. But there are also other options. During our visit last winter we stayed in this house (see also photos with snow) in Smoljanac which is about 5 km from the entrance 1. If you are without a car, your first priority for accommodation must be Rastovaca. Other options are Grabovac and Rakovica where you have some nice family hotel. I would avoid Korana if there is snow due to the steep road.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions about visiting the Plitvice National Park, during the winter or any of the other seasons.

Map, entrances and bus stops Plitvice

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