Pisak – Omis Riviera

Pisak - Omis Riviera

Pisak - Omis Riviera

Pisak – Omis Riviera

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Pisak – Omis Riviera

Pisak is a small picturesque village on the Omis Riviera. The village, which is the last city on the Riviera, is located 18 km south of Omis.


A photo like this one is often used to buy tourist agencies to promote Croatia, I think the reason is obvious!

The beautiful pebble beaches of the city are located around the promenade; if you walk a little from there to the north you can find smaller coves with privacy.

At the seafront there are several restaurants and bars that are well visited during the summer months. You can drive up to the seafront which makes it easy for families with younger children, but do not expect to find any parking there.

Beach in Pisak

Shopping can be done in the local Studenac supermarket; if you need to do the bigger shopping, for example for a self catering holiday, you might consider going to Omis or Makarska.

Accommodation in Pisak

Most of the houses in Pisak have apartments for rent and because of the cascading terrain, you should be almost sure to get a nice sea view. Villas as single units are rare in the area, and there are no larger hotels.

Get to Pisak

The nearest motorway exit is Sestanovac which is about 17 km from Pisak; if you drive along the coastal road, just follow the road from Omis towards Makarska or vice versa; the road to Pisak is well marked, so you can not miss it. The stop is on the main coastal road.

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