Beaches on the island of Hvar

Beaches on the island of Hvar

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Beaches on the island of Hvar

The beaches on the island of Hvar are mostly rocky and pebbly and are usually found in small coves. The beaches usually have a thick pine forest that provide deep shade during the hot summer days that are particularly common on the island of Hvar – the island that is known as the sunniest island in Croatia.

The sandy beaches of the island are mostly on the north side of the island and pebble on the northeastern side of the island. There is also gravel on the south-west side of the island, near the village of Ivan Dolac, Zavala and Milna

Dubovica beach

Dubovica Bay is 8 km from the town of Hvar. The beach is pebbly and is far from the noise. The bay also has a restaurant where visitors can cool off. Dubovica bay can be reached by taxi boat leaving from the port of Hvar or by car.

Zarace Beach

On the southern side of the island there is a place, Zarace, which is located 6 km from the town of Hvar. There are two beaches nearby, one facing east and called Velo Zarace and the other to the west called Malo Zarace. The beaches are sandy and are located at the foot of the beautiful cliffs. They can be reached by car or boat leaving from the port of Hvar.

Beaches on the island of Gerolamo

The island of Gerolamo can be reached by small boats from the port of Hvar and is a known naturist beach. The beach is equipped with showers and there is plenty of natural shade of pine trees. In addition, there is a restaurant in the immediate vicinity. On the southern side there is a pebble beach, a little further on you can look for your piece of privacy on one of the rocks.

Palmizana beach

Palmizana is the most famous resort of Hvar with a marina. The Vinogradisce cove in the southern part of the island is surrounded by a thick pine forest. In Palmizana visitors can find refreshment in one of the bars or restaurants.

Cesminica beach

Cesminica beach is located in Sucuraj. The coast is partly concrete and partly gravel. The seabed is sandy and shallow, so the beach is ideal for families with small children and the elderly. Nearby there is also a bar where guests can cool off.

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