Beaches in Rovinj

Beaches in Rovinj

Beaches in Rovinj

Beaches in Rovinj

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Beaches in Rovinj

Rovinj is a tourist destination that has long been recognized for its clean sea and beautiful coastline. If you like sandy beaches, then you will not be fascinated with Rovinj at first sight because the coast is rocky. But in the end everyone is amazed with a nice mixture of rocky beaches and greenery. For those who do not like the crowds that are very common on the Adriatic coast in the season, Rovinj is the right destination because it is possible without any problem finding your own little hidden bay.

Stari grad beach – Monte

On the west side of the old town of Rovinj is Monte Beach. The beach is 150 meters long and is divided into a part called the Lanterna and the other Balota where it is a bit ‘more difficult to access the sea, but is suitable for adults and those who love to dive into the sea. The beaches are rocky and there is no natural shade. As traffic in motor vehicles is forbidden in the old town, Stari grad Monte beach can be reached on foot or by bike.

Bay of Lone

The bay of Lone is part of the protected forest park “Zlatni rt”, with one of the most visited beaches in the city. The beach is a 15-minute walk from the city center. To satisfy the needs of pebble beaches enthusiasts, the gravel has been brought and now the beach is ideal for families with small children. For those who prefer privacy, the small rocky beaches are nearby. A few meters from the beach, there is a thick pine forest where you can find deep shadow during the hot summer days. Also on the Lone beach there are two bars where you can cool off.

Beaches on the island of Katarina

The island of Katarina is recognized as the most beautiful island in the Rovinj archipelago. It is a few hundred meters from the city center and can be reached simply by taxi boats from the shore. The best beaches on the island of Katarina are on the east side; rocky with numerous sandy coves. Hotel Katarina is located on the island and features an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant and a diving club. For those who like sports, a volleyball court is available. For the little ones there is a sandbox for children near the beach.

On the northwest side of the island there are known rocks: gold, silver and bronze. These are the very high cliffs that fall vertically into the sea and as such they represent attractions for those who like to dive into the sea.

Kuvi Beach

The Kuvi beach is located about 3 km south of the town of Rovinj and is one of the most visited beaches in the city. The city has recently started renovating the beach, so it is covered in fine gravel. Some parts of the beach are rocky. Near the beach of Kuvi there is the Resort Villas Rubin, so bars, restaurants and recreational facilities in this part are not lacking. The beach is ideal for families with small children who can have fun safely in the bottom. The beach is equipped with showers, toilets and changing rooms.

Skaraba Promontory

The Skaraba bay is about 3 kilometers from the city center and is within the Zlatni rt forest park which extends to the beach providing shade during the day. Since the bike paths are laid out for the beach you can come by bike or car that you need to park near the Monvi entertainment center. The coast is rocky with some small bays. Right on the Skaraba promontory there is a beautiful beach with flat rocks that are suitable for sunbathing. The western part of the promontory has a very rocky coast and entry into the sea is not accessible, so it is not recommended for families with small children and the elderly. To the east of the Skaraba headland is Grande Skaraba where there is a pier which is for many guests a favorite place to swim and jump into the sea. The bay is covered with pebbles.

Valalta beach

The beach is located north of the city center and is a paradise for nudists. The beach is pebbly and sandy and is located in the nudist camp. The beach is equipped with showers, water slides, an outdoor pool with sea water and there are various other entertainment facilities. Since 2000, the beach has had the blue flag, which is an international recognition of the sea and clean beaches.

Amarin beach

Amarin Beach is located 3 km from the city center to the north and is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. The beach is partly gravelly and partly rocky. The beach is equipped with showers, changing rooms and guests have access to various sports activities. Sun loungers and parasols can be hired on the beach, and there is an outdoor pool in the holiday village nearby.

The beach has a beautiful entrance to the sea and is suitable for families with small children and the elderly. Thanks to the good entry into the sea, Amarin beach is suitable for children and the elderly, but also for young people who can enjoy a variety of activities and have fun with a rich night program.

The beach of Villas Rubin

The beach of Villas Rubin is located 3 kilometers from the city center and is within the tourist village of the same name. The beach stretches for 1500 meters. At the edge of the Polari campsite there is a gravel section suitable for children. Visitors have at their disposal a windsurfing center, playground for children and a restaurant, bar, tennis courts, football, basketball, table tennis, mini golf and volleyball. In addition, there is a diving center nearby with diving school and the possibility to rent diving equipment. Right next to the beach there is a swimming pool. A part of the beach of Villas Rubin is semi-nudist.

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